Why do you believe what you believe?

I asked myself this very question may times.  We all are faced with challenges every day of our life.  It how we view those struggles that define our lives.  Do you look at the glass half empty?  Do you look at the glass half full?  Either way that could be re-framed as wow that was some delicious lemonade.  Whether the glass is half full or half empty matters not.  It is our lens through which we view life that determines its outcome.

You always get what you expect out of life.  If you expect the worst outcome it will find you every time.  If you expect the best it also will find you.  Diligence and hard work is almost always the the key, but perspective is always what will determine the outcome.  “Where do we come from?” Sara asked.  I said “Well we come from Adam and Eve.”  She sighed and said no what’s our family heritage.  We all come from God we were all created in his image. You may think there is no heaven and there is no hell.  I personally can see the great works that Christ has done in my life.  How do you communicate a experience of joy in words?

Faith: firm belief in something for which there is no proof.[1][2] Also defined as confidence or trust in a person or entity. Depending on the religion, faith is belief in a single god or multiple gods or in the doctrines or teachings of the religion. Informal usage of faith can be quite broad, including trust or belief without proof,[2] and “faith” is often used as a substitute for “hope”, “trust” or “belief”.

As I studied throughout the great works of history a common thought came to mind and that was faith.  Christopher Columbus sailed against the dominating belief in his time that the world was flat and if you sailed to far you would fall off.  He sailed on faith that it would not happen.  Is your ship stuck in the harbor of Life?  The tide is rising and the winds of favor come only to those who step out in faith.  History is filled with people, though they deny faith in that of a religious meaning, who had to have faith or they would not have risen to the places they had reached in their lives.   My faith grows every day, I know where I am going and only through grace is it possible for me to go there.

I challenge you to study the classics and read the Bible.  You may say that religion was created by man to control the people.  I Know how you feel I felt that way too at one time.  If you truly read what is contained in the pages of the oldest book ever printed and remained in print.  There is a chronological proof that every thing which it says happened really did happen.  I ran from truth my whole life and because of it I lived a lie and its result was pain and suffering.  When I finally accepted that the Bible was the word of God and that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross for my sins I was truly free.  His forgiveness gave me peace in my life, which I had been unable to obtain through the ways of the world.  So again I ask you why do you believe what you believe?

Thank you for reading


About Kevin Dunn

Walking through the pitfalls and snares we all endure in life. Raised in a small farming community in southern Michigan. As a young boy I was raised to be a man of hard work and character, something I ran from. Knowing that I would have to pay my own way through college, I decided to serve my country as a United States Marine. Making choices (most of them poor) based on my current information, led to me rebelling against the teachings of my youth. I resolve to be an example for my family and community. Through the mentoring, coaching, hard work and the help of team principles. Special thanks to my lovely wife Leah thank you for believing when the clouds on the horizon looked dark.
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