Decisions and circumstances

The question is why so many people allow their circumstance to dictate their lives, when throughout history it has been proven time and time again that character is what dictates our direction in life. Having chosen a path of a self-directed education through LIFE the Mental Fitness Challenge is a great place to start.  You might say well I am going to take college classes with a singular or dual (Major/Minor) field focus.  Through that route you can easily amass a debt load to the tune of more than $200,000 if you pay for the degree out-of-pocket.  The route Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have put together, an education system that costs drastically less than the conventional courses with a way better return on investment.  The LIFE education system is nothing short of amazing it allows the “mass-man” privy to information and training usually reserved for the upper strata of society.

To live is to feel ourselves fatally obliged to exercise our liberty, to decide what we are going to be in this world.  not for a single moment is our activity of decision allowed to rest.  Even when in desperation we abandon ourselves to whatever may happen, we have decided not to decide.¹

Is it then, false to say that in life “circumstances decide.”  On the contrary, circumstances are the dilemma, constantly renewed, in presence of which we have to make our decision; what actually decides is our character.¹

The “mass-man” is he whose life lacks any purpose, and simply goes drifting along.  Consequently, though his possibilities and his powers be enormous, he constructs nothing.  And it is this type of man who decides in our time.²

I have resolved to not be the mass-man but to chase my god given purpose.  Resolve to grow and live and learn.  Do not fall into the pitfalls of mediocrity and insignificance.  Do not fear your fellow man.  In my bible study this morning I was reading in the book of Isaiah ch. 50-52 the following verse was from Isaiah 51:7.

Listen to Me, you who know righteousness,You people in whose hearts is My law:  Do not fear the reproach of men, Nor be afraid of their insults.

May the Lord increase his blessing upon all who read this.

  1.  The Revolt Of The Masse pg 48
  2.  The Revolt Of The Masses pg 49

About Kevin Dunn

Walking through the pitfalls and snares we all endure in life. Raised in a small farming community in southern Michigan. As a young boy I was raised to be a man of hard work and character, something I ran from. Knowing that I would have to pay my own way through college, I decided to serve my country as a United States Marine. Making choices (most of them poor) based on my current information, led to me rebelling against the teachings of my youth. I resolve to be an example for my family and community. Through the mentoring, coaching, hard work and the help of team principles. Special thanks to my lovely wife Leah thank you for believing when the clouds on the horizon looked dark.
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