Mental Fitness Challenge

Yesterday I began a thirteen week mental fitness challenge.  As I sit and reflect on the past four years I realize I have just begun my journey in LIFE.  The past is just, that no matter how hard we try we can never get that time back.  I Resolve to make every minute of my life that I have been blessed with count.  To grow myself daily to pursue excellence in all areas in my life.  To help those who need a hand up they will find my outstretched hand to help them get up to fight another day.   To serve my community with undying fidelity and commitment to help eventually change the downward spiral that our society is facing today.  To stand up against adversity to keep our freedom.  We have lost our foundations in this country, if the foundation crumbles in a house the house will surely collapse.

Our country was fought and paid for with the blood of our fathers.  Why then are the people so willing to sacrifice freedom for comfort.  I resolve to leave this village, county, state, and country a better place than how I came into this world.  Through principle, character, and hard work I will care for my family and provide more than a meager living under the oppressive thumb of a corrupt government.  I stand for Freedom, do you?  People spouse their freedom rhetoric, yet have not the courage to step up and do something that would save our country.  I resolve to grow, work hard, serve, love and lead.

I challenge you!  Take the mental fitness challenge!

Do you have the courage to take the challenge?   I do


About Kevin Dunn

Walking through the pitfalls and snares we all endure in life. Raised in a small farming community in southern Michigan. As a young boy I was raised to be a man of hard work and character, something I ran from. Knowing that I would have to pay my own way through college, I decided to serve my country as a United States Marine. Making choices (most of them poor) based on my current information, led to me rebelling against the teachings of my youth. I resolve to be an example for my family and community. Through the mentoring, coaching, hard work and the help of team principles. Special thanks to my lovely wife Leah thank you for believing when the clouds on the horizon looked dark.
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